his wholiness the rev drjon (drjon) wrote,
his wholiness the rev drjon

Normal Service will be resumed... one day...

Thanks to those who've enquired as to my wellbeing. Things could be worse. Am currently refraining from using most Social Media for a number of reasons.

Currently looking for any level of work as a matter of semi-urgency.

drjon can:
  • create DP layout and typesetting to APA/professional standard
    (primarily InDesign experience over a number of years)
  • Graphic Design to professional standard
    amongst other work, about 20 cover designs under my belt at present
  • web design (inc. metadata) at professional standard
  • Incoming Call-centre work
  • Coalface Customer Service
If you have any leads, please contact me at drjon@pacific.net.au or via the Usual Channels.
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