his wholiness the rev drjon (drjon) wrote,
his wholiness the rev drjon

I'd like some News in my newspaper for once, Mr Murdoch. It's NOT raining: don't think I didn't notice you pissing in my pocket just then.

The Australian had some blather in their Inquirer section on the weekend about how evil and degenerate Mexico is, and how evil and degenerate the Drug Lords in Mexico are, and how the whole place is going to wrack and ruin (and somebody should DO SOMETHING!!!1!).

What they didn't say in the entire article was why they wanted their readers to believe that Mexico was "being subjected to a kind of moral and civil breakdown". Fortunately, The Internets gives us news, whilst The Australian just gives us opinionated right-wing toxic drivel. What Mr Murdoch doesn't want to tell you is that Mexico has decriminalised small-scale drug possession.


* Argentina
* Portugal in the Economist
* Pot Doesn't cause schizophrenia
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