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Cadbury's Boycott's Off

My boycott of Cadbury's will be over soon, I see... as long as Cadbury Australia follows in the NZ's wake. Milo's still boycotted.
Cadbury Dairy Milk returns to Cocoa Butter only recipe
Cadbury today announced it is responding to consumers by returning Cadbury Dairy Milk to a recipe containing only cocoa butter. The move follows hundreds of letters and emails in which consumers told the company they didn't approve of a new recipe where a small proportion of the cocoa butter was replaced with vegetable fat, including palm oil.

Cadbury Dairy Milk to go Fairtrade in 2010
Cadbury Australia and Fairtrade Labelling Australia & New Zealand today announced plans for the nations' favourite chocolate, Cadbury Dairy Milk®, to achieve Fairtrade Certification by Easter 2010. This ground-breaking move means cocoa farmers and communities can look forward to a better and brighter future as Fairtrade cocoa sales increase in Ghana and new Fairtrade opportunities open up for cocoa growers in other parts of the world.
Can't say I'm very impressed with their spin, but it could be worse.

(Via greenglowgrrl)
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