his wholiness the rev drjon (drjon) wrote,
his wholiness the rev drjon

Military Women

There's recently been a great deal of fuss in the Australian Media about a proposal to allow women to serve in frontline combat roles in the Australian Army.

Lots of idiots have been spouting their mouths off about how unsuitable women are in combat, speaking with faeces dribbling down their chins in a most unsightly manner. It would be very amusing to see an ex of mine--who served in the army, and took down a guy bigger than me once pretty easily barehanded, despite being a wee thing--wipe that sh1te off their faces. With a machete. Perhaps they might consider drinking a nice cup of STFU with added, sorely-needed-to-their-diets iodine, instead?

Yeah, some of these gobsh1tes have served in the military. Doesn't mean they have any fcuking clue about what they're talking about, however--demonstrably:

(All pics from a post in randompictures.)
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