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National Invisible Chronic Illness Awareness Week

...has been on, but finishes today.

You might have seen the Invisible Illness Meme floating around. I should probably do it, but a number of factors are combining to make it unlikely I would be able to right now--not the least being I really don't want to think about it, as that's one of the antagonists for one of the problems.

My Dad had an Invisible Illness. He looked fine, but wasn't. I'm very very lucky to have avoided inheriting his condition--it makes one realise that things could always be worse.

Anyway, shout-outs to my friends over the past week who've come forward and posted about their situations and conditions. Some of you have got far more problems to deal with than I. I wish I could be there for you more than just shout-outs on the Internets and the occasional hug.

(ED: The Invisible Illness people seem to be a Christian Mission, btw. I haven't looked into their background, but I'd always encourage people in giving the Benefit of the Doubt. Some of my best friends are Christians. ;}P> )
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