his wholiness the rev drjon (drjon) wrote,
his wholiness the rev drjon

Hey Hey it's FAILday!

What seems to be the common consensus amongst the average Australian is that 'I don't personally find it offensive, so it's not offensive'.

A good concise explanation as to why the common consensus is actually a FAIL one, from Mike Justice, a local MC who is of Australian and Afro-Caribbean descent.

I've been posting a few Pertinent Links on my twitter feed under the tags #HeyHeyKKK and #heyheyFAIL, but this one is a bit too long to tweet properly (ED: so I've tweeted it anyway). I've also been commenting here and there on LJ.

ED: Oh look! Another article rightfully slamming the show, followed by comments from outraged Aussies waaaaahing about their ignorant, clueless, bigotted white privilege being challenged! How Surprisement!
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