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A couple more things...

An Aboriginal perspective on blackface
There is a history of Blackface in Australia. It is a hurtful and degrading history that denied our right to self representation and helped to create the racial stereotypes that plague our nation today. I am Australian, I like a good laugh. I am Aboriginal and carry the scars of this history. To revive Blackface is not funny.

Racism. Still happening today. No joke.
Some people are a little confused about why the Hey Hey "blackface" skit is being viewed as quite offensive, and why the controversy hasn't just blown over. If you're a White Australian, and especially male, you probably don't understand the context... So let's have a little story to illustrate the context...

Stan Grant: 'Blackface Jacksons' embarrassing to Australia
That Australia is once again defending itself against claims of racism is not surprising. That the cause of the furor is a childish, inappropriate racial 'joke' is even less of a surprise. Australian popular culture has a long held an often embarrassing tradition of wrapping racism in supposed humor...
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