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We don't use the "Next Bl**r W*tch" phrase here

I first saw mention of the film Paranormal Activity a couple of weeks ago, when io9 posted about it (and I subsequently reposted it on a local email list, but not here). It looks like it captures an essential element of this type of phenomena in real life--the frustrating lack of narrative in the unfolding of the phenomena. Fort, Keel, Wilson, RAW and Vallée have all written at length of this aspect in their substantial analyses of the data, and I've always held it as a good rule-of-thumb when differentiating human-engineered wyrd situations from others: the set-ups have a Narrative--they tell a story. Unless the instigators are extremely alert and careful, it's inevitable in any creation. On the other hand, wyrd sh!te tends not tell a story, it simply happens, divorced and devoid of Human Meaning. Personally, I regard it as an element which weighs towards veracity in an occurance.

Apparently, this film was released in 2007, and has been garnering very good press since. It's being cinema-released here in Australia from December 3, so I think I'll be off to the picture theatre for this one.

Paranormal Activity - Official Trailer {link}

{ Movie Website | Wikipedia | IMDB }

ED: Apparently, there's a free ticket givaway here, thanks to the lovely celuran for the heads-up.
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