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Scents and Scensibilties (and a Guest Poet)

It's like this. There's this girl with a taste for the edge, and there's this perfumery which wields a knife...

Zenobia Frost is a local Brisvegas poet who's been storming the barricades for a while. Her recent piece Bathing with Gaiman, for example, was cause for some excitement in some quarters.

Black Phoenix Alchemy Labs make perfumes. Sometimes they make perfumes for special occasions, along special themes. Like Warrior Queens. Called Zenobia.

Here's what telling the one about the other does...

A Letter to the Romans Sealed with Beeswax
  for Queen Zenobia, Bat-Zabbai

I am black pepper and clove.
Let my chest be an oven of courage,
my breath on your neck a warning—

oh, how close I am.

I am Iris and I come with messages
from the daughters you have killed.
I am honeying my way into your empire.

I am liquidambar; I am storax, spread
like molasses, and hyssop-cleansed,
crushed up into kindling to blaze
against the oncoming cold. I am

saffron. I am leather and iron and

I strike
and leave frankincense burning
in your quickened blood.

Zenobia Frost, 2009

(And she bought some, too.)

This piece has also just been published in Voiceworks #78, so I'm very lucky to have had permission from Zen to reproduce it for you to read. Hooray!

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