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Emily the Not As Strange As You'd Think

Once upon a time , we were sitting waiting for a bus and I noticed something Very Funny on the window of the Emily the Strange Purveyor next to our Bus Stop. I took a crappy phootie with my crappy mobile phone camerator...

Emily the Strange: I want you to beware of imitations

The reason it was very funny was because I'd just been reading a post about Emily the Strange and her... um, "predecessor", Rosamond the Strange, on the plagarismwatchblog YouThoughtWeWouldntNotice, wherein:

(clicky for the moarness)

Now, I was going to make a post about it, but other things in my life soon took priority, and I figured the only real hook I had for my phootie was that nobody knew about Rosamond, and as it'd been a while, everyone prolly knew about it by now. But Lo!, turned out that not everyone did, as I found today, so voilà: Le Blogue.

Also, the Imaginaterrarium of Dr Parnassaluffagus--Foxtrot Tango Whisky. That is all.
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