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Some Resources re: the Vegemite Curtain (aka the Great Firewall of Australia)

Here's a few things you might like to read.  
  • #nocleanfeed - a bit of a technical description of the problem
    ...if people access illegal content using non-encrypted communications, that is a good thing. Why? Because that means your ISP can actually detect them and send the information to law enforcement agencies. That sort of thing is common practice within the ISP industry already. All that implementing a net filter would do is force people actually doing illegal things to get clever and use encryption technologies like the above, rather than leaving at least some of them out in the open as they are now...
  • Conroy Releases Internet Filter Trial Report, Dooms Us All
    This afternoon, Senator Conroy released the reports on his internet filtering trial study. Despite the fact that the report sounds like the trial was a rousing success, the truth is that despite the spin, the report doesn't give enough evidence that a mandatory filter of the internet is a viable solution...
  • Our views on Mandatory ISP Filtering
    At Google we are concerned by the Government's plans to introduce a mandatory filtering regime for Internet Service Providers (ISP) in Australia, the first of its kind amongst western democracies. Our primary concern is that the scope of content to be filtered is too wide...
  • Great Firewall of Australia will nationally block sites appearing on a secret, unaccountable list
    ...this national censorship plan will do little to curb child pornography and crime (because people who seek out that sort of thing can always get around filters), but it will give unaccountable government bureaucrats the power to secretly and arbitrarily hide information from Australians...
  • Net censorship move a smokescreen: expert
    One of Australia's top communications experts says the Government's internet censorship trials were designed to succeed from the outset, presented no new information and are now being used by the Government to further its political agenda...
  • How to easily bypass Australia's internet filters for free
    The Federal government intends to waste millions of dollars on ISP-level content filtering which can be bypassed at the push of a button...
  • Fcuk Conroy, Fcuk Rudd, Fcuk Censorship
    Sure, you might know the difference between browsers and be able to check your email form any computer, but how do you get access to the information, entertainment and juicy porn your black'n'twisty lil' heart desires? Well, my interwubs-loving friends, it really is pretty damn easy. And I'm such a lovely person that I'm going to show you how...
  • If You Hate The Idea Of A Filtered Internet, You Should Probably Sign This�
    ...if you want to let the Government know what a bunch of tossers they are being by proceeding with live trials, even when all the closed trials results should have shouted out in big red letters: �THIS ISN�T GOING TO WORK�, the GetUp.org is calling for you to sign their petition...
  • Bernard Keane's guide to writing to Ministers
    If your first instinct upon hearing about the Rudd-Conroy plan to censor the internet is to email Stephen Conroy, your local member and Labor senators from your state to protest, wait up. Or, in fact, do it anyway, then read this...
  • Contact details: Senator the Hon. Stephen Conroy
  • stephen conroy: minister for fascism
    http://stephen-conroy.com/news.php Spoof Conroy website protests at internet filter plan. The .au Domain Administrator institutes political censorship and has their domain revoked.
  • Conroy plans speed humps for Australia's freeways
    In an ambitious plan to protect Australia's children, Communications Minister Stephen Conroy has announced plans to install speed humps every 100 metres on all Australian freeways. After a 12 month trial of speed humps in several suburban back streets, Senator Conroy says he is confident that placing speed humps on every Australian freeway will reduce accidents by 100 percent with a "negligible" impact on traffic congestion and travel times...
  • The Gift of Censorship (Protesting Australian Internet Censorship)
    The Australian Government is making a list... a 'blacklist' of thousands of websites. Websites that you, your family, friends and colleagues may visit daily but will soon be unable to because they will be blocked... Senator Stephen Conroy (the Minister in charge of this plan) has a bad habit of saying that only websites which contain illegal material like child pornography are refused classification. However, the National Classification Code (the Code which dictates what gets banned and what doesn't) clearly says otherwise..
  • Filter opponents: change tactics or fail
    To shift position, a politician needs to see significant blocs of people in specific, relevant electorates who would otherwise have voted for his or her party but now intend to vote for the other guys. This is where the anti-filter movement is failing...
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