his wholiness the rev drjon (drjon) wrote,
his wholiness the rev drjon

Disappointment is a nasty beast...

VooTube: The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Daleks
(via a few places, including possbert.)

I actually didn't like this. A lot. So much so that I refused to post embed it in my journal... The animation itself is ace--professional standard--but the jokes are third-rate Adamsoid (desperately needs an editor. and a razor blade. and some talent.), and the v/o is shocking. E for Effort on both (because the creator really did try, but still...). And I realised that I really should post this comment here (which kinda means I have to include the link, I guess). Because if I'm going to be a prick, I should do it where everyone can see, and when I do stuff of my own, people can remember that I'm not always kind.
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