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Going off-air for the break

Well, I'm off to Woodford soon, and will be Out Of Contact (sorry, no $$ for Woodford Internets this year--I'm just grateful I get to go). As usual, if you see me and hassle me for one, you'd normally be able to get my End Of Year Xmas/Soundtrack/MixCD/XmixCard. Unfortunately, there'll be a bit of a delay due to equipment failure and consumables failure and time failure and, most of all, me failure, so you'll get a voucher for swapping when I get them finished and burnt in January. Hurrah! This years is, like recent years, a two-CD set, but split along thematic lines this time: Good Intentions: A Roadtrip, and House Party at the End of Time. One is considerably more cheery than the other, so if you don't need the pain, you can just get House Party, which will be full of all sorts of surprises and delights, by itself.  

I hope you're all having an excellent Holiday Season, regardless of the Season you're holidaying in.

aka I would not be writing this without these people

To belegdel and cynthaea for being there and for helping, and for continuing to prove to me that Love Can Work, if you try. There are no words.
To greenglowgrrl for being whom I really must say is my Best Friend. And for everything.
To claritysan, for sharing what little you could of that most precious of your possessions, Time.
To velvet_granat and fizz_gig for your continued friendship and sharing of joy.
To des_can. I knew you could.
To ser_kai, for showing me a path out, and demonstrating it was safe.
To lilysea for ringing at the Right Times and just talking, and care packages.

Also, special thanks to degram all those long kms of water away, for the <3 which got me over the line this morning when I stumbled.

Thanks to the person whom I've forgotten to mention. I'll remember you in an hour, and curse that I can't access this to update: ............

Thank you also to chromatikscale, _amaranth__ and darkentropy for your kind wishes.

Extra special thanks to R‽, regardless that they won't see this, for not only profoundly shaping my past year, but also giving me the opportunity to assess myself and my life in ways never before possible. I sincerely wish them the same sorely-needed opportunity* in their own life.

And finally, thanks to you, too. Thank you for reading this. Here's a present I stole just for you.

Have a Very Doctor Who Christmas!

Right, I'm off to Woodford, which is only 1/50th of my year, but 50% of my life. And if I don't see you there, I'll see you in the One-der Years!
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