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For a Breath I Tally...

is it just me, or is the Klein Sexual Orientation Grid, despite points for pushing out beyond sexual dimorphs, still shopping gender binaries with its exclusive male-female-axessed questions and 2D plotting? wherein the genderqueer? wherein the asexual? wherein the girlfags and guydykes and fruitflies and lesbros and all? bah. i was going to do the thing, but screw it. it's 20 years out of date.  

all of that brings some bollocks from earlier last year involving assumptions (not mine for once) and bad faith (i don't do that one, in large part because i find it so extraordinarily offensive when it's done to me) to my mind. even awesome people can be completely ignorant about the ramifications of their own inherent perception biases sometimes. it's only really a problem when someone gets screwed, though, so i guess that's okay. hey.  

also, i don't have the bandwidth quota to get me to the End of Time. dammit. a friend was going to the End of Time tonight, but they're waiting to leave until after midnight, and i won't be able to get home afterwards. bah.  

i am on the quest for pictures from the Disturbia show at woodford, as well. nothing to show you as yet, but there will be.  

i have a big pile of woodford in my living room, and no show to do this evening, and these things make me sad. pizza with Delia and Robert at the Kookaburra was good, though. still, here i am with the same shit back like it was waiting in this unit with the lizard (the lizard's still here too), filling my head with knife-like static and hollowing my heart with rough-hewn teeth. thank you, head, for making my evening shit. still, it takes my mind off my foot and my neck and my red, red sunburn. lucky me.  

at least the most noteworthy FAIL today was some woodford evacuation fall-through. i've had worse FAILs the last few days. boy has there been FAIL -sigh-  

eyes failing. have finished lj backlog. now, to bed.
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