his wholiness the rev drjon (drjon) wrote,
his wholiness the rev drjon

St. Valentine's Poo

Dave Sim made a big name for himself with a little independent B&W comic book called Cerebus, which turned into a 300-issue limited series (which I still have two volumes to get, to complete the series & finish reading: #13&#14, if you're curious) which became hugely popular.

Then, towards the end of the series he made a big name for himself by publishing what purported to be his personal philosophy about relationships between the sexes, as part of the storyline. It was a profoundly misogynistic, indeed extremely misanthopic, philosophy. He lost a lot of fans over it.

Then again, he provided Fodder. And if there's something The Internets loves, it's Fodder.

I hope you're all having a wonderful St. Valentine's Day with Someone Special. Even the folks I wish were here now. But don't ask me tomorrow, I might have a different answer.

MOAR: [TRIGGER WARNING!] Cerebus Valentines for That Special Void in Your Life (via andrewducker)

Next up: St. Harlequin's Day.
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