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St. Harlequin's Day

Roses are crimson
Violets, azure.
On Harlequin's Day
they smell like manure.

Today is February 15 -- the Feast Day for the late Christopher Dorrega, better known as Saint Harlequin, Malkavian Patron Saint of Bitterness, Rage, and Hate. "A day for those who remain in a seeming perpetual state of being single."
I represent the bitter, the lonely, the hurt, the hate-filled, the enraged, the ugly, the too intelligent, the too nice, the like a brothers, the such good friends, and all other unwanteds, undesirables, undatables, and unfortunates littering the world who remain in a seeming perpetual state of being single. Poor souls, how we suffer this time of year, watching our friends who have this great thing, this Wonderful Emotion, this Love, deserved or otherwise... -- St. Harlequin Grimaldi

harlequin grimaldi shall for ever more be known to all malkavians, who gaze upon or hear these words, as the patron saint of bitterness and a few other things as well. discordians may also borrow saint harl for their rare moments of clarity, realising how much of a shit their significant others, past and present, really are. if you must hate, hate in his name. if you fill with bile, vent it in his honour. know that your actions have been witnessed by him and that he approves. (unless you're some dumb schmuck looking for a reason to hit someone. then you're off the list, stupidass.) -- the fiend
On this day, write a rant, scrawl a screed, vomit a 'vective on the subject! Purge your Pejoratives! It's a Discordian Tradition!

...well, it's traditional apart from me. My Tradition is to let you know it's Saint Harlequin's Day. Gods know I could spend a while ranting on recent events in particular--but then, so could the other hand, paired with mine in the crippled, arthritic spasm of the failed gamble of Lurve's Clenched Fury, I'm sure. And ranting about it only ever made me feel worse. Don't let me stop you, though.
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