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Oh the Woe, Amanda and Me, it was Never to Be...

Amanda Palmer -- Vegemite (The Black Death) Live in Melbourne
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RJhDV0MMPAs (via flocked post)
you tell me that you love me when i'm lying by your side
you tell me that i am the only one who understands your fragile mind
that i'm blind to any evil you could do
and that i love you like any other girl could ever do

you love the things that i love, you love art and you love books
and you love love as much as i do and you love my dirty looks
and you love me right now, so
how can you love vegemite?

it tastes like sadness
it tastes like batteries
it tastes like asses

and i cannot hold a man so close who spreads this cancer on his toast
it is the vegemite my darling, or it's me

you have to make the fucking choice, i cannot sit with you at breakfast
the very smell of it obliterates my senses
and if that weren't bad enough you also eat the shit for lunch
which means we can't spend any time together
what kind of relationship is that?

the choice is yours, my heart is in your hands
please wash your hands you just had vegemite for lunch you selfish bastard

it's all about you isn't it, this has nothing to do with the vegemite
this is what i'm talking about, you never actually listen to me
i can't take it anymore, it's all about you, it's just take, take, take, take
what about my feelings, what about me?


i love you, and no matter what you eat i'll always love you
completely i might just always leave the room at meal times
or refuse to touch or kiss you for a week
if you insist on putting that foul death paste in your mouth

you're in my heart but put yourself inside my shoes
i have to know, it shouldn't be that hard to choose
i know it's tearing you apart but it's the way it has to be
it is the vegemite my darling,
it is the vegemite my darling,
put down the vegemite fucker
or i'll leave.

(lyrics via kimwasley on Ubervu)
ED: Oh dear...
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