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The DrJon Link Filter, as a friend called it.

Some stuff from tabs that needed closing. Some reposts from Twitter. When I have a proper Internerds connection again, it'll be back to linkfrenzy with it all.
Talking Sense to Privileged Offenders:
Mardi Gras cometh but once a year...
I know you're a gay-friendly kind of person. I know you have gay friends and you support our causes... If you stood on my foot, you'd apologise.

when you look at the figures, they're kind of screwy
Look at the figures: if the 'war on terrorism' is really about deaths and the threats to people, why are cigarettes still sold?

Parts [Warning: Triggery Image]
...the people in the media who are supposed to foster a public debate on such public issues as war instead used their franchise to promote articles about chocolate cake and comic book reviews...

We Are All Handmaids Now
The State of Utah is introducing a new law that will make women liable to face murder charges if they suffer a miscarriage...

I love Valve
...hidden data in a new update for Portal...

How to Discuss Race and Racism Without Acting Like a Complete Jerk
...here are the steps that I think will prevent the vast majority of complete jerkitude that I have witnessed in discussions of race and racism...
The next bit is Dangerous for me to be writing, I rather suspect, but I'm feeling the need to share my wonderfully unique Priviliged White Male viewpoint for once. But if you'd Rather Not read it, here's a cut:


Amanda Palmer ended up in the poo recently when some folks who had (valid) issues with her latest project brought them up just as she was starting a tour in a foreign country (vis, Australia). Just say, for the sake of argument, that I just stood on your foot, and it was because I was late on stage, and hurrying to get on, and not minding where I was going. Obviously, I would be sorry that I'd just stood on your foot (even if I hadn't even noticed), but a good approach would be to tell me after the show. A bad approach would be to grab my arm and start swearing at me. A really fucking FAIL approach would be to then start cursing and making death threats towards me and my loved ones. At this stage, the fact that I stood on your foot becomes oddly irrelevent, and you are firmly In The Wrong. I might not even be sorry I'd stood on your foot, by then.

Here's some of the fall-out, anyway. I don't watch Good News Week, because it is often Full'o'Fail, but I think I am more inclined to a sympathetic reading of AFP's comments than the writer, and am finding myself I-See-What-You-Did-There-ing at the blog writing a great deal. For more background, follow the links here.

ED: You should make your own mind up. If the issue interests or concerns you, follow the links and come to your own conclusions. That's why the links are here.
Not your punchline, Amanda Palmer.
If you missed this week's Good News Week, or couldn't see it because you're not in Australia, here are the "disabled feminists" sledges...

The unconscious sexual bias
"Now, whenever I screen resumes, I ask the recruiter to black out any demographic information from the resume itself: name, age, gender, country of origin."

DSM-V -- The Other Shoe Drops
The draft of DSM-V appears to be a classic case of political compromise.

How Not To Apologize
Sorry about that.
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