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BBC Casts 12th Doctor
Matt Smith's run as the 11th incarnation of the famed Time Lord came to an end today, and the Beeb wasted no time in finding someone even younger and more obscure to replace him. "Matt was an unknown," says showrunner Stephen Moffat. "He brought a new energy and urgency to the role of the Doctor that a more seasoned actor might not have had. Even though he was only the Doctor for a few minutes, and he walked like a drunken giraffe and he wasn't even Scottish, I think he�ll be missed. We knew the next Doctor had to be an even fresher face." Moffat stated that the next Doctor will be a 6-year-old boy from Sri Lanka who has never acted and is unaware that he has been cast.
Rare Baby Skeksis Born at Franklin Park Zoo! [photo at link]
On February 18th, the Franklin Park Zoo welcomed the birth of a highly endangered Skeksis hatchling. This birth marks the first baby for proud parents Aughra and Fizzgig. Once plentiful in the Thra Valley and adjacent mountains, Skeksis are now extinct in the wild and only ten remain in captivity. Known for their characteristic whimper, Skeksis are happiest when feasting on podling essence or when keepers treat them to roast nebrey.
Environmentally-sound Ebooks!
Orbit is delighted, excited and not a little proud to announce the development of the world�s first 100% biodegradable ebook... Orbit�s proprietary new �Brigadoon� e-formatting allows for a 100% carbon-free reading experience. By exposing the ebook file to a short burst of Cherenkov Radiation upon delivery, the electrons composing the file actually decay into lower-energy electrons and tachyons after the first reading. The new, low-powered electrons return to the environment at a net carbon cost of practically zero, while the tachyons, as is their nature, travel backwards in time to replace the ebook file that has just disappeared during the decay of the electrons that formed it.
(last two via chocolatetrudi)
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