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View the New Who

For crapsake~! Deleted post has deleted itself. I will fix...
Doctor Who premieres in Australia on ABC iView - midnight Friday 16th April
In a first for ABC TV, the new series of Doctor Who will launch on ABC iView ? the ABC?s internet broadcasting service ? two days prior to its broadcast on ABC1.

Less than two weeks after the first episode airs on the BBC in the UK, Australian viewers will be able to stream it on iView from midnight on Friday 16 April at abc.net.au/iview. The episode will then be shown on ABC1 on Sunday 18 April at 7.30pm.
Yes actually, it is rather awesome. Judging by The Eleventh Hour, we've got a grand couple of months aheads.

Also, Awesome New Discworld Movie Is Awesome

Terry Pratchett's Going Postal (Sky One Trailer)
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