his wholiness the rev drjon (drjon) wrote,
his wholiness the rev drjon

ONOZ Drugs! Pt.2

Note: DrJon does not condone the use of Illegal Drugs (and doesn't use them either, in case you were wondering). The known, documented, without-a-doubt actually scientifically & medically proven side effects include incarceration, subjection to violent abuse, poverty, and social pariahdom. I'd ignore the horseshit that you read in the papers and on posters at the tube station, though. England Prevails!
Mephedrone: the anatomy of a media drug scare
Hysteria and inaccuracies have been the main ingredients of the media coverage of mephedrone

Sacked drugs chief Professor David Nutt blasts 'knee-jerk' mephedrone ban
The Government's former top drugs adviser has warned banning the dance drug mephedrone could do more harm than good.
I hate people who take drugs. Like Customs Officers. --The Discordian Book of Quotes

ONOZ Drugs! Pt.1
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