his wholiness the rev drjon (drjon) wrote,
his wholiness the rev drjon

A big day yesterday

I gave notice at the Pizza Mines. 13 days and counting. Two more weekends' work, basically.

And I bopped along to The Mountain Goats with missedangel. They were good. JD gave this song another go, like he promised last time he was here, and this time he wasn't too sick or anything to finish it properly.

The Mountain Goats -- Old College Try*

Kinda like that, only he was a lot closer and intimate with the audience than that show. The gig was just like last time, except this time I knew all the words and all the songs, was just out of arms reach instead of right against the stage, and of course it was a completely different lifetime, when I gave a shit about everything (All Hail The Awesome Power Of Forgetterex!).

Some fat bastard was weaving around right in front of me (literally--I could have licked the shithead's neck he was so close) for part of the gig, so I stood up straight so I could see clearly over the jiggling git. That was interesting. I thought he was my height, but no. Also, the audience was almost entirely ghost-free. And I saw a Carrot of Angst, and Phone Bill, and I think they're the only other folks I knew there. Oh, and a gig poster mysteriously disappeared off the wall of the Ladies. So I better not identify the culprit, except to say "Thank You".

Hung around after the show, hoping to get his autograph, but I guess JD was shy or something. Luckily my emotional investment in the world has gone away, as I said, so no big.

Um. Had Hell Pizza before the show. Was good. They make damned nice vego pizzas.

/thinks Anything else? Nah, that's about it. Oh, got renewed for another 2 weeks at the Citation Mines. I'd be worried about the future, but cf.
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