his wholiness the rev drjon (drjon) wrote,
his wholiness the rev drjon

Lippy Lady Bits and your Monday Night Angry

Over in some cultures, it's considered "okay" to force one's female children to have their gentials cut off, in the name of some cultural-religious stupid thing.

In the West, we willingly do it to ourselves in the name of "fashion". It would seem that one of the major reasons is our censorship boards, and their enormous influence over what's permitted to be published. [Video at link NSFW and also triggery.]

As a boy who likes girls, I love lippy bits, think they look fab, and regard it as obscene that someone might feel so overwhelmed by peer (or partner) pressure that they actually went and got themselves surgically mutilated in this way.

(via andrewducker, via Carlin.)

(A note: I'm going to regard raising issues of male circumcision here as derailling. If you have strong opinions on the matter, feel free and discuss them in your own journal. Cheers.)

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