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Inside Every Living Person Is A Dead Person Waiting To Get Out

Via blue_cat
UK General Election 2010

Yes, I realise that this is a topic not often touched on by this community, and that British Politics is of little interest to Non UK'ers... However, this is something special and very very Discworld:

VoteCure.com is the website for CURE, a political party that has put forward candidates for MP in 7 constituancies: Hertford and Stortford, Hitchin & Harpenden, Twickenham, Dulwich & West, Norwood, Brighton Pavillion, Kensington and Doncaster Central.

CURE stands for Citizens for Undead Rights and Equality. The CURE Maifesto :
  • To give the undead equal rights to the living
  • To make cemeteries more comfortable for its inhabitants
  • To implement a robust social integreation programme for the undead, curing society of its prejudices
  • To increase the minimum statutory retirement age to beyond death
  • To permit the marriage of living and the undead
Lest you think I am taking the P, here is the BBC Election Website list of candidates for Brighton Pavillion where Soraya Kara is standing for CURE. Reg Shoe would be So Proud!
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