his wholiness the rev drjon (drjon) wrote,
his wholiness the rev drjon

Senryu (personal haiku) On-Request Meme

I've got a lot of housework and webwork to do today. Thus, Procrastination/Displacement Activity! Plus, I need to find reasons to update this thing, given I need to justify to myself just paying another year's sub to the LJ service. Plus, I want to stretch my brain muscles.

Leave a comment, I'll write you a Senryu (it's the form of poetry in the same form as Haiku, only about people, not nature) about anything you want (I'm thinking you might want something about yourself, but if not, just say what you do want). They'll all be re-posted over at my Haiku LJ, gaijin_haijin, as well as in the comments on this post.

(The Blarghprint: You can't have the copyright, because I want to reproduce them elsewhere. But you have free use of any I write for you. There's prolly some form of Creative Commons license which applies. If it becomes an Issue, we'll sort it out then. Oh, and I don't hold to 5/7/5, because it's a recent western misunderstanding which I think degrades the form to doggeral, but if the piece falls into 5/7/5, so be it. You might get a season and/or cutting word, if I feel it's appropriate to the piece.)
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