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Boosting the Signal: Orbit Quest

Came down the wire...
How would you like to win every single Orbit book published in 2011?

Orbit is one of the biggest publishers of science fiction and fantasy and to live up to our heavyweight status we're delivering a KING SIZED competition for SFF fans. Don your amulets and dust-off your hooded cape - get ready for this epic quest...

Orbit Australia is laying down the gauntlet. We want to find the most knowledgeable, the most worthy and the most steadfast fan to be knighted the Orbit Champion for 2011.

The winner of Orbit Quest will receive EVERY NEW RELEASE TITLE from Orbit books for 2011. (That'll be around 70 books!)

There are 12 simple tasks, each of which garners points. The challenger with the most points at the end of the quest will be knighted Orbit Champion for 2011. One does not have to complete all the tasks, but each task you complete can mean more points.

We have listed below the first 11 tasks, and attached are more details about each challenge.

Your time begins now and the competitions closes 30 November 2010 at midnight EST.

Please see our full T&C's to check the finer points and go to the Orbit Australia Facebook page to register. Ask any questions below or email orbit@hachette.com.au

Good luck, keep steadfast and fight with honour.

- The Orbit Team

Task 1: Register your interest
Task 2: Discuss your favourite moment
Task 3: Post a fan picture of your bookshelf
Task 4: Favourite Old Tongue word
Task 5: Design a cover
Task 6: Trivia Challenge
Task 7: Review
Task 8: Cool Crossovers
Task 9: Suggest an alternative title
Task 10: Confess your nerdiest moment
Task 11: Dress up as your favourite character / post a picture
Task 12: To be announced on the morning of October 30th 2010
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