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The Surrealist, at it again.

On the twelfth day of Christmas, drjon sent to me...
Twelve moomins drumming
Eleven caritas piping
Ten humans a-leaping
Nine norks dancing
Eight kaos a-milking
Seven agls a-swimming
Six bacchus a-snarkhunting
Five exe-e-e-egesis
Four louise brooks
Three lawless murphys
Two orang pendeks
...and a leunig in a chinese alchemy.
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In 2011, drjon resolves to...
Pay for my kokkinostrichos on time.
Start a garooga fund.
Cut down on my snarkhunting.
Give some eris to charity.
Tell my family about corsets.
Apply for a new tango.
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Goodness, it's Squidmas already.
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