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Repost: Donations to Haiti

Something from lizbee, saying it better than I can...

Flooding, again

Obviously, the Queensland flooding is devastating, emotionally and financially. A lot of people have lost everything, and are in the position of having to rebuild their lives from scratch. Jobs have literally been washed away. There is a need for charity, and as usual, fandom is opening their wallets and notebooks, with qldfloodauction already up and running.

But Queensland is part of a rich first world country, with public health care and a functional welfare system. Emergency payments are already going out to people in need.

Meanwhile, it's a year since the Haiti earthquake, and people there are still dying.

If you're thinking of donating to Queensland, please consider sending part of that money on to the Red Cross, or another organisation working in Haiti and other places where the need is dire. Australia's safety net has a lot of give. Other places don't have one at all.

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The river peaked lower than expected yesterday, but we've got another peak today. Hopefully we'll see no further loss of lives.

I am fine, dry and safe for now. Where I am here is shielded from the direct river flooding by a ridge, so barring further heavy rains, I'll be okay. I've got lots of friends who are relying on friends and the evacuation centres, though. My thoughts with you.
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