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Fundraising for Alzheimer's research

Originally posted by lilactoventoux at Fundraising for Alzheimer's research
Hi everyone, [info]niamh_sage here, in fancy dress. The purpose of this fancy dress is to raise funds for Alzheimer's research. Inspired by [info]auronsgirl's splendid efforts with her lovely Wear the Lilac jewellery, I decided to put my love of cycling to good use, and will be wearing the lilac up Mont Ventoux on the Glorious 25th of May 2011 to raise funds for the Alzheimer's Research Trust (UK) & Stichting voor Alzheimer Onderzoek (Belgium).

My website is here: Lilac to Ventoux, and I'm on LJ (obviously ;) ), Twitter and Facebook. Donations to the Alzheimer's Research Trust (UK) go via the Lilac to Ventoux JustGiving page. (I'm still working out how best to organise donations to the Belgian one, but they do have a Paypal button on their front page.)

Fellow Discworld fans, I would be hugely grateful if you could spread the word about Lilac to Ventoux. If you feel moved to cheer me on by friending me on LJ or following me on Twitter & Facebook, I would love that too. And of course, most importantly, I would really appreciate seeing some donations come in!

Thanks for listening,


To spread the word just click the button below. Thanks!

This was also posted to the [info]discworld comm.
ps huge thanks to [info]calantorntain and [info]most_suspicious for the use of their lilac artwork.
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