his wholiness the rev drjon (drjon) wrote,
his wholiness the rev drjon

Old Bertie and the Festival of DOOOOOM!!!

So, BUFF, the Brisbane Underground Film Festival is on soon (there's some cool stuff on: go look).

I wanted to run something like this myself, but it was in part because the acronym I thought of was Awesome. Sadly, I can't remember what the acronym was.

But I love the promo image they're using:

A picture of a Giant Kraken pulling apart the Brisbane Riverwalk, underneath the Storey Bridge.

It put me in mind of a video I posted here a while ago, set in Perth. But damned if I could remember any actual details which would allow me to find the damned thing. In particular, it annoyed me that I couldn't remember the name of the the Kraken-Squid-Octopus-Cthulhu-Elder-God-Thing.

Of course, finally I found it. It was Old Bertie.

This is Perth

And they're doing a movie with Old Bertie now:

George Jones and the Giant Squid - Preview

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