his wholiness the rev drjon (drjon) wrote,
his wholiness the rev drjon

Woodford Day One evening

Crickets and cicadas and the dull roar of the Festival in the background. No mozzies in the tent, a blessing.

Caught the Mystery Bus tonight. First time in a long time. The guests were Eagle And The Worm, and they handled the intimate venue very well. Good stuff.

Tried to get into both the Freakshow, and the Parlour for Lola's show, but both were full.

Apparently, they're down a few Men In Black for the Mystery Bus show. Thinking of fetching my MIB outfit.

Stallholder numbers seem to be down this year, as do punters. The Chai Tent has had its footprint reduced, many venues are missing, and The Dreaming festival, usually held midwinter, has been amalgamated into the Woodford Festival this year. That makes for a richer and more vibrant festival, but many, many venues and traders have been shuffled into new locations, which is disconcerting.

The Festival Report should be interesting this year. Some controversial decisions have been made, and it'll be fascinating to hear King Bill address them—or avoid addressing them, as the case may be.

The weather was nice tonight. Time, I think, to sleep. Jan/Feb of my Woodford year over. 10 months (5 days) to go.

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