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Woodford Day Five: evening. Auld Year's Morte

Here I am, under the Banyan Tree. In half an hour, the bell will sound, and I'll be thinking of you.

It's been a pleasant evening. It's been a strange year, in hindsight, buffered as I've been, full of unsurprising surprises.

Eveeything's just been something.

Soon, the candles will come out, and the long chain that stretches back into the mountains behind me, forward into unknowable, will have another link added.

And so it goes.

My best wishes to you, whoever, wherever.

Fifteen minutes.

I'd share something with you my Father once said to me, right in this place, before all this was here, even this tree… but right now, the only thing that's in my head is his smile.

Sorry. You'll just have to imagine it.

Here come the candles.

I'd best sign off. A happy and healthy new year to you.

More tomorrow And next year, at Woodford.

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