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Woodford Day Six: afternoon. New Years Day

Tired. Time to head home soon. My feet are aching.

Cloud cover is occasional. Otherwise, hot. Fairly dry.

Didn't see a lot today. Watched King Bill perform. Might see the Freakshow, if circumstances permit. Might see something serendipitous. Have caught snatches of sets, though, and that's good.

Shame i missed Matt Andersen. More about that when i get home, though. Didn't see Dougie Maclean, and that was perhaps wise.

Caught up with a few folk. Claire, Peter, Devi, Andrea. Prolly some others. And Woodford friends, of course.

Haven't seen the Wizard-worshipper for a couple of years now. Hope he's okay.

Wandering around in a suit, with my hat, last night, people kept saying 'Shalom to me'. I guess i am rabbinically hairy. But i might be looking old, too. I guess the Scurvy will do that to you.

ED: The quality's very poor, but here's Matt Andersen's If Cookie Monster could sing the blues
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