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The Genderbread Person

Making the rounds in some circles at present. An interesting model, not without failings, but then that's the way with models. Here it is:
Breaking through the binary: Gender explained using continuums
Gender is a tough subject to tackle. There are a lot of facets to consider, a lot of pressures at play, and we have all been conditioned in such a way that our first instinct is almost unanimously wrong. But we’re going to tackle it. No, we’re going to tackle the balls out of it. Coming to our aid, I would like to present to you: The Genderbread Person!
The Genderbread Person
Here's the genesis of the idea, A different take on gingerbread man, this "genderbread" person illustrates the difference between gender, expression and orientation. It's like a crash course.

Cheryl Morgan points out that it kinda falls down regards asexual people, and I'd further add that the Sexual Orientation axis in particular is weak with regards to all sorts of orientations But in many ways, it's a helpful metric, and worth sharing.
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