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St. Tibbs Day: A Repost From The Last Time

Today* is St. Tibbs Day, in this, the YOLD 3178. (My goodness, is it really 3178 already? What a long strange trip this continues to have been...)

St. Tibb's Day falls between the days of Prickle-Prickle and Setting Orange, between the Seasons of Chaos and Discord, every 4 years.

You should celebrate St. Tibb's Day by only existing for one day. Mayflies are beloved of St. Tibbs.

Most pundits identify Tibbs as St. Tibba, the niece and/or daughter (folks had looser morals back then) of King Pendra of Mercia, and the sister of the legendarily more buxom Saint Kyneburga. She was supposedly from Rhal, Rutland (mmm... Rutland), and was a Benedictine nun at Dormancaster abbey, Northamptonshire, during the 7th Century. She is widely assumed to not have existed, but possibly only existed one day every 4 years.

St. Tibb's Eve is said in tradition to be the night before Judgement Day, which would make it the evening of either August 28th 1997, July 24th 2004, or April 20th 2011. How was it for you?

A Glossary of the Folklore of Maritime Canada sums up the variousities involved, thus:
Tit's Day

Tit or Tibb's Day was a pagan feast and recuperation day following Tit's Eve (which see). At one time it was the first day of the month and celebration termed Yule. In revised Christianized form Tit's Day was described as the day following the final Ressurrection and Judgement Eve, a day after time when accounts were beyond settlement. To have a Maritimer promise that he would repay money on Tit's Day meant that the loan-agent could not expect to recoup money in this or any other world.

This feast day clearly belonged to the pagan deities Thor and Frey. C.L. Apperson has guessed that this was "a day neither before nor after Christmass" and that "tibb" is synonymous with "never". Desultry attempts were perhaps made to give the day a Christian veneer by referring to it as Saint Tit's Day, but the connotations of the word made this unsuccessful. Certainly The Old English Chronicle does list a Saint Tibba, circa 963, but Brewer's Dictionary of Phrase and Fable (1870) insists there was never a legitimate saint who bore this peculiar name.

Tit's Eve

Also known as Saint Tit's Eve, Tibb's Eve, Tip's Eve, or Tipsy Eve. The evening of the twenty-third day of December.

This holiday was known in some parts as the Mother Night and followed the shortest day of the year . In former times, the overindulgence on this night marked the beginning of Yule...
So now you know, and you can safely forget it all for another 4 years--YOLD3182 (or 2016AD). When I may well post all this again.
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