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30 years ago...

Yesterday was the 30th anniversary of Philip K.Dick's passing.

As tough as it was, 1982 wasn't as tough for me as it was for Phil. But it was the year I first read VALIS and The Divine Invasion... both lent to me by the EUJ (he had a fine taste in SF) to take my mind off the surgery and the chemo treatments I was receiving at the time. They certainly made an impression on me. I was familiar with Phil's earlier work (standouts for me included Penultimate Truth, Electric Sheep, Scanner Darkly, and, of course, my all-timer, Galactic Pot-Healer) but these two books were something else.

VALIS, for me, was another visit to Chapel Perilous, in a way that his other works were not. Divine Invasion's overt Christianity was a surprise, but a fascinating and thoughtful one.

Um. Like so many others, he went too soon. We're still poorer for it. Rest in Peace, Phil.

ED: Also, NPR's To the Best of Our Knowledge has a new podcast up to commemorate the 30th anniversary of his death.

Also, BoingBoing, David Gill, and PKDFans.
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