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Media's double standards are clear

Via a friend's flocked post, a letter from The Age:
Media's double standards are clear

WHEN John Howard was prime minister, he haemorrhaged seven ministers in his first term alone with scandal after scandal. He had to rip up his promised ministerial code of conduct because he couldn't afford to lose any more. He also reneged on almost all his election pledges; he took us into one dubious war and one illegal one; he lied about asylum seekers throwing their children overboard to win an election; the list goes on. And yet the media didn't call for an election and nor did the opposition. The media instead judged him on the health of the economy.

Julia Gillard's government has had fewer ministerial scandals than any in living memory. Craig Thomson allegedly misused a union credit card before he was in Parliament, and Peter Slipper isn't even an ALP member. Neither has been charged with anything. But still there are almost daily calls for an election from the Opposition Leader and 70 per cent of the press.

The country survived the financial crisis better than any other country, and the IMF recently named our economy the best in the world. And yet, unlike under Mr Howard, these statistics are hardly mentioned. All we seem to read about is the incompetence of the government, constant opinion polls and calls for an early election.

Brett Elliott, Boondall, Queensland
Just a little reminder that the mainstream media is lying to you.

This is also worth a look:


As I said on BaseFork, "I don't think anyone need guess who Murdoch requires to be the next Australian PM."

Oh, and
Prominent Liberal says Gillard should be kicked to death
Liberal urges Australians to kick Julia Gillard to death - but the media don’t think this a story. David Donovan reports on Australia’s propagandistic press.
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