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The book I got on Monday...

The earliest published, extant version of the Principia Discordia is the Loompanics edition, first published in 1979. It's got a yellow cover, is still in print. It's the combined 4th&5th Edition, and is quite famous.

Only, they weren't the first.

According to Run For Cover, a limited edition hardcover of the Principia Discordia was published by the Revisionist Press imprint of Gordon Press in 1976. I've no idea how large the print-run was, but their edition, ISBN 068575085X, apparently retailed for US$250 (link might be down: here's the Google cache). US$250!!!

Gordon Press were rumoured to have been a CIA front. Now, they're out of business. I guess their turnover wasn't sustainable.

Anyway, Run For Cover have bought their inventory. It includes copies of the hardcover Principia Discordia. They're selling it for US$9.94. I've no idea how many copies they have in stock. (Looks like it were only a handful - they're now sold out.)

Well, I have the thing in my hands. It's 9"x6", red cover, gold printing. I'll upload a scan when I get the chance. Much to my chagrin, it's the 4th Edition, so my quest for the Myth of Starbuck continues.

Now, it looks authentic. Smells authentic. But it might be a scam. There's no publisher's imprint on the book. But it seems genuine to me. (But is it worth US$250? I think not...)

ED: Someone posted on USENET two years ago about this...
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