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Photobucket - Video and Image HostingMichael Crook vs. EFF and 10 Zen Monkeys.

From Technoccult, "If you haven't heard, an online prankster named Michael Crook is trying to abuse the DMCA to have unflattering pictures of himself taken off of web sites. 10 Zen Monkeys (RU Sirius's new zine) and the EFF are fighting back. I'm suggesting everyone put a pic of Crook and a link to the 10ZM page to 1."

"This is yet another case of someone intentionally misusing copyright law to try to shut down legitimate debate on an issue of public interest."

(and here's a code snippet you can add to your blog)

also, via greenglowgrrl: if 100,000 people visit their website, this realestate outfit will donate "Australia's Biggest Billboard" to the NSW Department of Community Services (the agency charged with caring for foster children).

Have a click-through. You might even like to pass the word around.


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