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It would appear that the Queensland Director of Public Prosecutions Leanne Clare believes that she is a better medical coroner than Christine Clements, the Deputy state coroner, and a better forensic pathologist than Dr Guy Lampe, Associate Professor David Ranson, Professor Anthony Ansford and Dr Byron Collins.
Ms Clare said the evidence was not capable of proving Snr Sgt Hurley was criminally responsible for Mulrunji's death, and said it was "a terrible accident''.
This is starkly contradicted by the Coroner's Report. Although it is probably better english to state that Leanne Clare flatly and starkly contradicts all medical investigative findings in this case.

And I am startled that the Premier, Peter Beattie, seems of the very strange opinion that folks should 'respect the umpire's decision'. The plain implication is that the Director of Public Prosecutions is an Umpire, an impartial, independent judge.

No, Mr Beattie. You're a bit wrong there. You'd be thinking of the person we call a "Judge" (well, we hope they're impartial, anyway), not the person charged with trying to persuade Judges that someone's guilty.

I'd go so far as to imply that you might be a bit more interested in trying to dampen down an obvious injustice than of seeing that justice is done in this case.

There's a rally next Wednesday, December 20th, 2006, at midday in Queens Park, Brisbane City, marching to Parliament House. The rally will demand that Director of Public Prosecutions Leanne Clare be dismissed immediately, because she has compromised the integrity of her office, which will cause enormous damage to the confidence of the Queensland community in the DPP.

That rally link is a good source of information, too. It includes the information that it's Mulrunji's family's custom and strongly-held wish that he not be refered to by the name he was called when alive, which fits with my understanding of the cultural practices being dealt with here. I find it facinating that the Coroner was willing to grant this courtesy, but that the Director of Public Prosecutions refuses to. Adding insult to injury there, I guess.

(Thanks to beeefcake for the heads-up.)

ED: Interesting comments continue to flow at Senator Andrew Bartlett's 'blog.
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