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Moments In Time II

Tempus testis, nullus anxietas

his wholiness the rev drjon
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READ PHIL & BOB !His Wholiness the Fairly Rev. DrJon received ordination in the Universal Life Church in 1998, but has since defected (refected?) to the ranks of the Discordian Movement, having been a member since 1978. He has a slight flaw in his character. His philosophical position might be Wilsonian Postmodernism, and is having an affair with Sophia behind Eris's back.

DrJon has been writing Haiku and Senryu for over twenty years. Some of it has not sucked. He posts haiku under the LiveJournal gaijin_haijin, maintains the linkfrenzy blog, and used to produce a weekly webcomic Phil & Bob. He may take it back up again at some stage.

He has edited a book of contemporary Erisian writings and Scriptures, the Apocrypha Discordia, and recovered the original long-lost 1st Edition of the Principia Discordia, How The West Was Lost. He is currently working on the original translation of an ancient Erisian classic, which should be completed in 2004.

His Internet background dates from 1985, when he became a USENET junkie during his abortive attempt to study for a Bachelor of Informatics. He now holds a Bachelor of Mediæval Metaphysics from Miskatonic University, but is considering returning to Academia and studying for a real degree instead.

Once upon a time, he was the Cybrarian for the third-largest Library Service in the World. He gave it all up to live in a little house by a platypus creek in the mountains, but then they built a Woolworths on it.

He no longer shops at Woolworths, the dirty platypus killers.

"DrJon" is a nickname. Although both a Patapsychologist and a 'Pataphysician, he is neither a medical practitioner nor a holder of any doctorate (NARD). He is, however, a real Reverend (yes, really), and will happily Baptise, Wed, and Bury (yes, really) on request (although he prefers to avoid performing all three on the same party on the one day). Special Pastoral Care is also available by appointment (no credit cards, thanks).

You would probably recognise him if you met him. Most folks do--he looks like his default userpic, stands over 6' tall, has a rather long redblondbrown ponytail, and usually wears a rather unstylish and shabby black coat. It's no surprise folks recognise him. The surprising thing is that S.W.A.T. aren't called out more often. (NB: as DrJon's cleaning bills have skyrocketted recently, glomping has been rationed to one per person per day. Mgt. appreciate your understanding.)

His published work includes poetry, short stories, cartoons and articles; he has occasionally worked with the Australian Paper Wasp group; has performed as a singer-songwriter, and appeared (briefly) on stage with Gareth Thomas (of Blake's 7 fame); has provided voice-overs for community radio; and other stuff he can't remember or chooses to forget at present. He keeps on pretending to be writing a novel, or maybe a script. Perhaps a screenplay. Something like that.

He counts his greatest achievement so far to be "not being dead yet".
Friending drjon:

If you wish to friend DrJon, please feel free. Due to the length of his friends-page reading, he may not be able to friend you in return, and sends his apologies. He's sure you rock regardless.

(It's probably also worth pointing out that if I don't know you've friended me, I won't know to consider friending you back. If you leave a comment which catches my attention I'll probably drop by your journal and have a read. If I suddenly friend you back, the odds are good that either I just did this, or you friended me and I hadn't realized until now.)

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